About Us

Who we are?
We work to reduce risks to vulnerable populations and to help communities, non-governmental organizations, and local authority provide services and protection for at-risk groups. For Initiative Africa vulnerable populations are defined as those groups of people who are typically excluded, disadvantaged or marginalized based on their economic, environmental, social, or cultural characteristics, specifically, children, youth and women.

Through a variety of programs IA helps vulnerable populations gain access to opportunities that support their full participation in society. We contribute to the development of capacities of vulnerable populations nationwide and across Africa. In doing so, we help prevent conflict, spur economic growth, and advance human dignity.



Our Mission
To partner to end poverty and help communities incorporate gender and environmental considerations into development initiatives.

Our Vision
Ensure that today’s children, youth and women are adequately prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

Our Motto
To Teach, Inspire and Support”

Our Values
Self reliance
Trust worthiness
Transparency and accountability at all levels
Integrity and mutual respect between and among stakeholders


The board consists of eight members that are outstanding specialists in the fields of Education, Business, and Civil Society. The members establish Initiative Africa’s program goals, work plans, and budgets. They meet on an annual basis to review the progress of various activities and to plan future policies.

Mr. Kebour Ghenna is the Board appointed Executive Director of Initiative Africa. The organization currently employs Educators, Researchers, Editors, Publishers, Information personnel and Technical Support Staff that are exceptional in their work field.